Los Cabos International Film Festival 2016

And once again I am back in Mexico. It is simply unbelievable these different realities and worlds I am privileged to travel and to be in. Los Cabos welcomed us in its best way. It is simply a paradise. Mexico I love you!

At the festival I was with MACHETE PRODUCCIONES, producers of our short film BABAS WEDDING (La Boda de Baba).

We celebrated the Mexican premiere TALES OF MEXICO, which I was working as a Associative Producer. At the same time there was another movie of Machete, X500 directed by Juan Andres Arango, which was in the Mexican Competition and won the main price.

My main mission was to be a part of The Summit and to learn from others. Thank you Cabos!

Me and the Los Cabos Prize, Cast & Crew LA HABITACION / TALES OF MEXICO