Next show 29th of November THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP

After a great success I am happy that the show will go on. This time at SALON UTE in Berlin Schöneberg.

Rosa von Praunheim‘s feedback: „brilliant acting“ (he knows the original from New York)

*** Please note that tickets for this show will be through reservation only ***

“The Mystery of Irma Vep” a Penny Deadful by Charles Ludlam:

Thursday, 29th of November 2018,  7PM BAR and 8PM  SHOW

Where? Salon Ute, Hauptstrasse 163, Berlin Schöneberg (U7 Kleistpark)

Don’t want to miss?


“The Mystery of Irma Vep” a Penny Deadful by Charles Ludlam:

Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2018 um 19:30 Uhr  (Premiere)

Freitag, 12. Oktober 2018 um 19:30 Uhr

Samstag, 13. Oktober 2018 um 19:30 Uhr

(in leicht verständlichem britischen Englisch)

Ort: Theater O-Tonart, Kulmer Str. 20A, Berlin-Schöneberg / Tel: +49 (0)30 37 44 78 12

VVK 19.- Euro / AK 21.- Euro


„ A really good laugh … The story has to be seen to be believed“

-The New York Post


„A true vaudeville tour de farce… it’s wonderful“



„Lunatic fun that keeps you in stitches.“

-The New York Daily News

2 Actors
8 Characters
35 Costume Changes 130457558 English Words

From the English estate Mandacrest to the blazing sands of far-off Egypt, this definitive spoof of gothic melodramas is a quick change marathon that has everything: laughs, scares, satire, a vampire, a sympathetic werewolf, and an Egyptian princess who may be brought back from the dead.

„The Mystery of Irma Vep” is a sharp satire, dark horror drama and a parody of Hitchcock classics in the tradition of Monty Python and Absolutely Fabulous.
Rapid scene changes ensure a breathless pace of play: Slap-Stick elements alternate with pathetic monologues and Screwball Comedy dialogues.

The team around director Magdalena Schnitzler works ingeniously with viewing habits, irony and audience interactions. Irma Vep is simply camp!

Performers: Alexander Albrecht and Alexander Moitzi

Concept + Realization: Magdalena Schnitzler

More? Videos and Comedy Sketches online! Follow us on Facebook Event page: @The Mystery of Irma Vep Berlin

THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP at Meeresrausch Festival

After a wonderful Premiere at the Festival we are ready to rock the Berlin stages. We play in British english and will let you know as soon as possible which locations are going to host us. We hope to have a “Berliner” Premier in October. Keep you posted!

“Das kleine Theater of the CHAPEAU CLUB” at Meeresrausch Festival. I know now how actors must have felt 200 years ago. What an amazing experience.

Premiere THE COACHMEN at Kosmos Zurich

I’d like to thank the director Freddy Macdonald and his family for giving me the chance to play a character like that, the rest of the cast and crew, and the executive producer Barry Navidi for co-hosting the premiere of the short film, THE COACHMEN, back to back with Al Pacino and Barry Navidi’s WILDE SALOMÉ!

Sarah Schlagenhauf, Barry Navidi, Alexander Albrecht, Cast & Crew, Freddy Macdonald

THE COACHMAN – stills from the Set

Three wealthy strangers are blackmailed into making calls from an abandoned RV with an untraceable satellite phone. Their job: blackmail three other wealthy strangers.

At least that’s the plan.

Directed by Freddy Macdonald, Produced by Barry Navidi & Fred Macdonald

BABA’S WEDDING at the Basel Film Festival

Very excited to present this short film at the Basel Film Festival in the section INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION.

This festival means a lot to me, the audience, the organizers, the atmosphere – presenting the movie on a big screen outside between the walls of the historic old town of Basel City. I couldn’t have imagined a better Swiss Premiere for our movie.

I will be attending the festival from 31st of August – 3rd of September.

LA BODA DE BABA at the Havana Film Festival 2016

Very honored and super excited to be in Havana with LA BODA DE BABA at the Festival Internacional Del Nuevo Cine Latino Americano! It is one of the most prestigious festivals in whole Latin America. Thank you for selecting our film.

Link Festival LA BODA DE BABA: Click here!

It is incredible the connectivity of people here in Cuba. I have an habit since ever, I always need to give a smile to people on the street, sometimes I’m even not aware of it, but here in Habana, people are smiling and shining and connecting immediately back at you like I have never seen before. When you get asked for money and you say, no sorry, their answer is “no te precupes”, don’t worry. Or like a musician said “money is not everything”…

Los Cabos International Film Festival 2016

And once again I am back in Mexico. It is simply unbelievable these different realities and worlds I am privileged to travel and to be in. Los Cabos welcomed us in its best way. It is simply a paradise. Mexico I love you!

At the festival I was with MACHETE PRODUCCIONES, producers of our short film BABAS WEDDING (La Boda de Baba).

We celebrated the Mexican premiere TALES OF MEXICO, which I was working as a Associative Producer. At the same time there was another movie of Machete, X500 directed by Juan Andres Arango, which was in the Mexican Competition and won the main price.

My main mission was to be a part of The Summit and to learn from others. Thank you Cabos!

Me and the Los Cabos Prize, Cast & Crew LA HABITACION / TALES OF MEXICO

BABAS WEDDING (La Boda de Baba) at the Morelia International Film Festival 2016

Super excited to be part of the international Film Festival Morelia Mexico one of the official Berlin Film Festival partners.

LA BODA DE BABA got selected in the section DIVERSE SEXUALITY. Thank you Morelia!

Links to click: Link 1, Link 2

Alan Estrada, Anabel Ferreira & Alexander Albrecht starring in LA BODA DE BABA.

Zurich Film Festival 2016

As usual it was simply amazing to be at the Zurich Film Festival. It was very special for me that Lucia was there with her touching portrait TAMARA Y LA CATARINA, she premiered and was part of the Official Competition. Lucia Carreras directed our short film LA BODA DE BABA.

Alexander Albrecht, Lucia Carreras & Daniel Carreras