48 Stunden Neukölln Festival – COMPLAIN YOUR WAY TO THE TOP

*Das Stück wird auf englisch gespielt und deutsch untertitelt.

A play starring Catalin Jugravu and Alexander Albrecht

Featuring complaints written and performed by
Lauren Miller, Natascha Mattmüller, and Judith König

Berlin’s preeminent drag queen, talk show host, and all-around naysayer, Miss Mona B. Billigen (Jugravu) invites you to spend your Friday and Saturday evenings with her as she presents her Hour of No: No secrets, no lies, no limits!

Her guest will be the world renowned Swiss psychologist and foremost authority on complaining, Prof. Doc. Peter Schläppy-Janker (Alexander Albrecht), whose recent bestseller “Complain Your Way to the Top” has turned the world on its head by changing people’s views on griping and grumbling.

Don’t miss this life-transforming event, presented for two nights only at Prachtwerk in conjunction with the 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival! If you’re paying attention, dear audience, you might even join the revolution.

“Complain Your Way to the Top” is a We Are Hybrids production directed by Daniel Boden. It starts both nights at 9PM.

INTERVISIONS Theater Ballhaus Ost Berlin

I am one of the special guests this Saturday 8pm, 2nd of April at Ballhaus Ost Theater. I will be performing an own written fairy tale satire based on the visions of Vladimir Sorokin and the given circumstances of the cosmos Russia.


Susan Batson Masterclass in Berlin 22.02.16-26.02.16

Back on track with Susan. No sleep guaranteed.

***Nice article about Alexander Albrecht in the Engadiner Post***

INDIEWIRE about Alexander Albrecht

Thank you Sydney Levine and Indiewire!

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Alexander Albrecht is currently shooting in Mexico for the movie “AMERICAN CURIOUS”. Directed by Gabylu Lara / Traziende Films / Co-production US and Mexico

Alexander Albrecht & Gabylu Lara on set of “RESTAURANTE”.

Mexican Film Residency Pueblo Magico

Good news for BROOKLYN TREEHOUSE & Alexander Albrecht. Very excited to be part of it’s first generation.

For more info please click here: VARIETY article!

The first generation!

Review from the Zolliker Bote “WHITE NIGHTS”

Press on news.ch ” Dostoyevsky in Zurich “

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Mexican Film Institute IMCINE supports “LA BODA DE BABA”

We thank the jury for the decision and are very pleased. The support of IMCINE applies to the entire post-production and dispatch to Festivals.